TEAM-ED provides services in response to the needs in our school districts and public schools:

We evaluate and assess the district’s physical facilities and personnel assets.
We engage the community in “charrette” workshops, identifying needs and building consensus.
We partner with the district to evolve a way forward, a plan for the present and the future.
TEAM-ED has developed a brief overview, listing the first steps in our District-Wide Facility Comprehensive Plan process. These steps are flexible, adjusting to the unique characteristics, needs and preferences of your district and community:

Facility Studies and Planning
Enrollment Forecasting
Staff Studies
District Organizational Studies
Strategic Planning
Financial Analysis
Community Engagement
TEAM-ED’s goal is to create an innovative Strategic Plan, based on full involvement by parents, faculty and administrative staff. From this grows our commitment to creating meaningful places, imbued with your ideas and vision. Team-Ed knows that better campuses improve the quality of life of your students, faculty, staff and community. The solutions that we build together will help you achieve your broader vision.

A community is known by the school it keeps.