Pass Christian K-8

Pass Christian, MS

Project Description

JBHM was chosen to design the Pass Christian K-8 school after the campus was damaged during Hurricane Katrina.  The district felt that the bringing together of younger and middle students was an opportunity to build a learning community that is uniquely child centered. The concept for the campus is a “learning village,” housing six learning pavilions, three for grades K-5 and three for grades 6-8. The ancillary buildings of administration, media center, dining and fine arts help anchor and order the “village.”  The project also serves as the anchor for a community school that works with other organizations in the community to serve children. Included in the project are the following other organizations that will coordinate with each other and the school:
• Early Childhood Center – Serving children ages birth-4
• The Boys and Girls Club – Serving children ages 5-18