Canton High School

Canton, MS

Project Description

The school district commissioned a facilities study to reorganize and expand their system to best serve students for the future.  The result was to design a new high school for 1,000 students with a new civic image and special emphasis in teaching the basics, technology and the arts.  The high school is sited on a hill top. Interior spaces are organized to separate group areas from quieter teaching areas.  The classrooms are designed in clusters to minimize class changes and establish node points along the main classroom corridors.  The main entry has a gentle curved window-wall facing the main plaza which is used as an outdoor congregating and dining area. The circular layout of the Media Center allows full visibility for control and has large windows for natural light.  The Band/Chorus is isolated from academic teaching areas.  A few years after the new school was completed, an addition was built for a 500-seat auditorium and science labs.